What We Do...Dog Photography 

I take pictures of family dogs, shelter dogs, and people with their dogs. I try to capture the personality of each dog and I love to capture the connection between dogs and their people.  When I'm not working with a client, you can find me taking photographs at local animal shelters.  I am also a certified dog trainer. My experience as a dog trainer helps a great deal with getting your dog to sit and look at the camera. 

Dog Photography in Action....

I know what you are thinking... But my dog won't sit still long enough to have his or her picture taken.  I want you to feel completely assured that I can get your dog to sit or sometimes stand still long enough to have their picture taken.  I have several ways to get the dog to look at me for just a second and that is all I need to get the shot.  Most of the dogs I photograph have not been trained and have their leashes on the whole time. With a little magic from Photoshop, I can make the leash vanish into thin air.

The Perfect Spot for Dog Photo Sessions ....

I have a few favorite spots in the Peoria Area and we can decide which spot works best for you. If you don't live in Peoria, IL. we can find a park near you.

How You Receive your Dog Portraits after the Session....

Once your pictures are ready to be viewed, I will schedule a viewing appointment at your home or at a local coffee shop if you prefer. During this appointment, I will take the time to go through the photos from our session and help you pick out the right prints and products that would look best in your home.  This takes the guess work out of trying to figure out what size prints and products you would like.   A photography session with Dog Anthology is a premier dog photography experience and after your session you will have a beautiful collection of photos to enjoy for years to come.   

dog photo

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.
— Gandhi