Helping Local Shelter Dogs through Photography


A picture is worth a thousand words..... Dog Anthology is dedicated to helping local shelters through dog photography that highlights the best features of each dog and sharing their dog portraits on social media.  I work with several shelters in the area. Here are just a few.... Peoria Animal Welfare Shelter (PAWS), Team Rescuing Animals in Need (TRAIN), Tazwell Animal Protective Society (TAPS), Paws Giving Independence (PGI), and Stray Animal Midway Shelter (SAMS).  

You can help shelter dogs find homes faster by helping to support Dog Anthology's continued work. I have created a fun way that you can contribute to the cause. 

When you donate to "Give a Dog a Bone" you are doing more than buying a treat for a deserving puppy.  Your donation goes towards helping to cover the costs of going to local shelters and taking professional pictures of each dog in need of a home.  Not only will you be helping to continue this important work, but you will also get to see a picture of a sweet doggie enjoying the bone that you donated! How fun is that!!?

Every little bit helps, thank you for being as passionate about helping shelter dogs as I am!



Spread the word

     Follow Dog Anthology on Social Media and share images of adoptable dogs to help spread the word. 

"Share an Image, Save a Life."