How a Dog can Change a Person's Life...

Chazzy was trained through Paws Giving Independence (PGI) and works at the Schramm Education Center in Pekin.


All of the students that attend Schramm Education Center have significant cognitive, developmental and physical disabilities.   Many of the children love Chazzy and find comfort when Chazzy is present. But here is a story of one little 4 year old boy that has a special bond with Chazzy....
 "This little boy was initially very hesitant to interact with Chazzy and a little scared of him. As Chazzy spent more time in the classroom, the teacher reported that the student has become more verbal, he will ask to play with Chazzy, throw the ball to him, lay down beside him, pet him and blow bubbles to Chazzy (Chazzy loves popping bubbles).  This student's mom wrote a letter to the teacher telling her how her son used to be terrified of the next door neighbors dog; since Chazzy came into her son's life at school, he has been playing with the neighbor's dog and talking more when the dog is around. 
I could not have asked for a better match for our school than Chazzy.  He has such a calming demeanor, both students and staff have gained so much since he became part of our Schramm family.  Plus I am lucky to be able to take him home every day and have him be part of my family."- Story told by Sue H. (Chazzy's handler)

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 Chazzy with his handler, Sue.

Chazzy with his handler, Sue.

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