Service Dogs are Amazing!

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Sampson is a very special Golden Retriever that helps his handler (Joey) everyday. Joey is a non-traditional student in college studying Neuroscience and spends a great deal of time in a laboratory, where up until recently service dogs were denied entry. Sampson has been taught individualized skills, such as how to wear googles, and boots, and how to behave in a laboratory setting. Joey has been an advocate to change the departmental policy at the university. The university was denying access to all students with service dogs in many teaching laboratories. Ultimately, she and her first service dog were allowed in a Chemistry lab and a Biology lab in the university. She developed a national model for accommodating students with service dogs for other universities to follow. Sampson and Joey are now working with several influential departments to change a system-wide policy in all universities nation-wide.  

"With Sampson’s help I am independent, I can maneuver my environment and live a full and productive life. There is much work to be done, but because of all the committed volunteers at PGI, and Sampson being the incredible partner that he is, I can and will continue to move forward, go to school to complete my degree and hopefully change the landscape for other working service dog teams who follow in our footsteps."- Joey R.

Way to go Joey, Sampson and Paws Giving Independence!!!!!

-Ava Kamm (Dog Anthology)

dog with handler